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Air Conditioning Repair

The high temperatures and humidity of the Southeast can wear down even the highest quality air conditioners. Whether your unit has completely stopped working or is just struggling to keep your home comfortable, count on Morelli to get you cool again – at an affordable price, no less.

Do you like to clip coupons and comparison shop? Repair costs range from company to company, so ensure you are getting a competitive rate. The lowest rate might not offer the best service or send you technicians with the right credentials. Do your homework and ask for the complete list of steps that will be performed in any repair.

All air conditioning repairs should diagnose the root cause of your issue but also bring the unit back to optimal health. Morelli provides air conditioning service in Charleston, SC with a mechanical and electrical equipment check.

Besides cleaning the air conditioning unit, we will also check the components for wear and tear. We’ll even observe the unit in operation once the air conditioning repair is complete. You won’t be left with further complications after a repair from us.

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Want to avoid surprise breakdowns and emergency repairs? Our best advice is to get preventative maintenance. It keeps repair price down and avoids a costly replacement.

A maintenance agreement allows for the early identification of problems. Our NATE certified technicians visit your home as part of the plan to keep your unit operating at peak efficiency.

Stay Comfortable All Year Long with Heat Pump Repair

Heat Pump Repair

Because they provide both heating and cooling, heat pump breakdowns can be a major inconvenience any time of the year. Bring your home back to its normal comfort level with the pros at Morelli. With years of experience, we know how best to get your heat pump up and running again.

Heat pumps themselves are already quite efficient since they simply transfer heat, rather than burning fuel to create it. In the winter, heat is transferred from the outside of your home to the inside. In the summer, heat moves from the inside of your home to the outside. Better yet, heat pumps accomplish all this using only electricity, a cleaner fuel source than gas. As a result, heat pumps are very energy-efficient and operate quietly. They’re great for a climate like the Southeast, with its milder winters and hot summers.

Checklist in a Typical Heat Pump Repair Visit

A repair can extend the life of your heat pump and help it operate more efficiently. Here’s just a sampling of the steps in a heat pump repair:

  • Filters are inspected and changed if dirty.
  • Fans and coils are cleaned.
  • Refrigerant level is checked.
  • Drain lines are cleared.
  • The motor and bearings are inspected.
  • Airflow blockages are removed and loose parts are tightened.
  • The fan belt between the motor and fan is adjusted or replaced if needed.
  • Unusual noises are diagnosed.
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Furnace Repair

We Have Answers to Your Common Questions on Furnace Repair

At Morelli Heating and Air, we never want you to shiver because your furnace conked out or isn’t warming your home well. Call in our experts whenever you have issues with your furnace, and we’ll get the heat back on. Even if you just have questions, our team is more than happy to answer them. Here are a few of the most common ones we get:

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What Are the Signs for Furnace Repair?

No heat is the most obvious sign that you need furnace repair, but did you know uneven heating is as well? If some rooms are drafty and others warm, it could be because of a system leak. Strange sounds or smells should also prompt a repair call.

What Are the Benefits of Furnace Repair?

Your furnace obviously works in the winter to provide you with warm air. However, it’s involved in keeping your home comfortable all year long. Even when you use your cooling system the air still passes through the furnace with each circulation. Recycled air enters through a filter, passes the furnace, and blows out to the house. The travel path is the same regardless of the season.

A repair can lead to a more efficient furnace or at least prolong its life expectancy. With greater efficiency, you may see lower monthly utility bills. With longer life, you can delay the extra cost of a complete replacement.

Is Furnace Repair or a New Installation Right for You?

The age of your existing unit and its level of wear will be factors to decide whether to fix your existing unit or buy a new furnace. A certified technician has a trained eye to help you make this decision. Your long-term cost and comfort will be important to think about in a pros and cons list.

Repairing the old unit is a lower initial cost to you. However, the cost for temporary repairs and service visits can quickly add up, especially in aging units. Another cost is higher monthly energy bills from a unit operating at reduced efficiency.

A new unit requires you to put more money down upfront. But long-term, you will avoid extra service calls and lower your monthly energy bills. Expect a 20-year life expectancy from a properly maintained unit. In addition, attractive financing can help you get the comfort you deserve, subject to approved credit.

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