3 Tricks to Avoid Emergency HVAC Repairs

Heating And Air Conditioning Maintenance

Why not avoid the dreaded HVAC emergency altogether? Stay ahead of the summer heat with a maintenance agreement and other savvy tricks.

While you are still enjoying the cool breezes of spring, you might want to take a little time to consider an HVAC maintenance agreement. It’s an easy way to prevent system breakdowns this summer. What else can you do? Take a look at three tricks to help you avoid emergency HVAC repairs:

Trick #1: Clean Your Unit

Keeping the area around your unit clear of debris helps prevent damage to the system. Trees with falling limbs, leaves, and even Spanish moss can clog the unit, making it function poorly. This may also increase your electric bill since the unit will have to work harder to perform. A maintenance agreement ensures your system receives the proper cleaning and tune-ups twice a year by a licensed HVAC technician.

Trick #2: Change Your Air Filters

Don’t neglect your HVAC air filters. Clogged filters will decrease efficiency and can increase the potential for a breakdown. Dirt and debris build up on the filters, which makes it harder for your heating and cooling system to pull in air. Keep your filter clean and your HVAC system running its best, and you will have little need to worry about emergency repairs.

Trick #3: Sign up for a Maintenance Agreement (This one knocks out #1 and #2.)

Instead of managing the essential maintenance tasks of your heating and air conditioning system on your own, let the professionals do what they do best. They will perform all of the detailed tasks necessary to ensure you have a system that’s running smoothly, reducing or even eliminating the need for emergency repairs. Plus, a professional inspection will help you to catch and address any minor problems before they become major, costly issues.

Our team at Morelli Heating and Air Conditioning is ready to become your right-hand-man with a professional maintenance agreement that will ensure your home remains cool and comfortable when the summer heat kicks into high gear.

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