Signs It’s Time to Replace Your HVAC System

HVAC Replacement

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, HVAC systems can live for at least 10 to 15 years
with proper maintenance. However, longevity may vary depending on the manufacturer.
Sometimes, you might need repairs sooner, especially if the system accidentally breaks down. If
you’re a homeowner who needs HVAC repair and maintenance, you need to partner with the best
service providers. This article will detail three signs you need to keep an eye out for. Knowing
these signs will help you take the necessary steps and ensure that your HVAC system works
efficiently throughout each season.

A Rapid Increase in Your Energy Bill
It’s okay for your bill to run up during the summer and winter peaks when you switch up your air
conditioner and heater more often. That said, if you’re in the off-season but your energy expenses
rise unexpectedly, your HVAC could be malfunctioning. Pay attention if you see an unexplainable
spike in the energy bill.

A Drop in HVAC Efficiency

When air conditioning is new, it runs only a few hours but provides ideal comfort levels. As it ages,
you may notice reduced efficiency. For example, your AC or heater may need to run all day to give
you the same output. If that is happening to you, seek professional HVAC fix-up services.

Loud and Unusual Noises Coming from the AC or Heater
Is a strange banging coming out of the AC? Or is your furnace producing a funny hissing sound? If
that is the case, you may be dealing with a significant HVAC problem. It is best to address the
noises early on to avoid severe breakdowns. If you ignore the tell-tale signs, it may exacerbate the
problem, and you end up paying a costlier bill to the HVAC expert. In some cases, you may need
to replace the whole system.

Talk to a proven repair and maintenance team today to stay on top of your HVAC situation. That
way, your system will run more efficiently, and you’ll save on your energy bill. Also, you’ll protect
your family from chemical leaks, short circuits, and other risks associated with unmaintained HVAC
systems. Contact Morelli Heating and Air today.