AC Repair Service: 9 Best Ways to Reduce Energy Costs

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Are your AC bills too high? Well, if you live in Charleston, the most blame falls on Charleston heating and air due to summer heat. Research indicates that an average of three-quarters of households in the United States use air conditioners. These air conditioners utilize approximately 6% of the total electricity produced in the US, representing an approximate cost of $29 billion annually. These energy costs are relatively high for homeowners. 

So, how do you combat the high energy costs from your air conditioner? If you’re looking for ways to cut down your hefty energy bills, here are top tips to help you avoid high-cost AC repair services and reduce your energy costs. 

Call a Professional for Routine Maintenance 

Just as you regularly service your vehicle, every central air conditioning unit needs to be inspected and cleaned by an expert. If you stay in Charleston County, your cooling system will mostly run for most of the year, thanks to the warm climate. The air conditioner eventually undergoes wear and tear and can take a toll on your conditioning unit if it’s not properly inspected and looked after. 

Annual maintenance leads to efficient operations, which in turn reduces utility bills. HVAC professional technicians offer a wide range of services in their routine AC maintenance or check-ups, including: 

  • Clean the unit by eliminating accumulated dirt 
  • Check for the presence of defects 
  • Repair the defects 
  • Service the AC unit 
  • Replace the air filters when required 

Calling a professional also saves you from the high costs and stress of dealing with premature AC damages. By investing in a professional air conditioner expert, you also enjoy other benefits besides reduced energy bills, including better indoor air quality and a higher AC lifespan. 

Keep the Filters Clean 

AC filters often trap all kinds of dust, dirt, pollen, and pet fur, which requires regular cleaning. Dirty AC filters are a significant reason for the unit’s breakdown in warmer places like Charleston. You might incur more energy bills of up to 7% during summer if you fail to clean your AC filters. 

Air filters that are clogged with dirt or dust slow down the cooling system’s airflow, including the force of the blower fan. Some air filters are reusable, while others need replacements, so it’s advisable to seek help from a professional if you’re unsure. 

Change or Replace Air Filters 

Apart from regularly checking your AC’s air filters, replacing them is also crucial if you want to maintain your AC’s functionality. Filter or furnace manufacturers often indicate the number of times you should change your AC unit system’s filters. But if you own multiple pets or have asthma and allergies, it’s advisable to change your air filters every 20-45 days. Also, different air filters vary in efficiency, something you might want to keep in mind when changing your air filters. 

Consider Placing Your AC in a Shade 

Air conditioners that have proper shading tend to be more efficient and therefore help save on energy costs. Air conditioners with appropriate shading are efficient because the air surrounding a shaded area tends to be cooler, meaning that the air conditioner will have an easier time making the air cool. You’ll also incur lower electricity bills from your air conditioner. 

Check Your AC’s Optimum Temperature Range 

Most AC units have an optimum temperature range that guides you to ensure that you use your energy efficiently. The United States Department of Energy recommends keeping the temperature at 78 degrees in summer and 68 degrees in winter. 

If you’re not sure, you can consult with an AC technician to let you know the most energy-efficient temperature range for your specific air conditioner system. Another way to reduce your energy costs is to avoid fluctuating your unit’s temperatures too frequently because it makes the system work harder and utilizes more power. 

Avoid Placing Heat Near the Thermostat 

You can also reduce energy bills by not placing heat near your thermostat. For instance, don’t place a TV set, lamp, or other heat-producing appliance near the thermostat. The AC’s thermostat tends to sense the heat in the air, making the AC work longer than necessary. 

Keep Your Surrounding Free from Debris 

Keeping your surrounding environment free from debris allows for the free flow of air, making it easier for the air conditioner to perform its job efficiently. For instance, consider keeping shrubs, plants, or any other landscaping approximately two to four meters away from the outdoor AC unit to allow adequate airflow. This way, your air conditioner will not overwork itself, and you’ll reduce energy costs. 

Install Window Shades, Film, or Tint to Block Sunlight 

Do you know that one of the reasons you get high energy costs for cooling is due to unwanted entry of heat? You can reduce your energy costs by installing shades on the windows that face the sun. 

Alternatively, you can reduce your energy costs when using an air conditioner through inexpensive home improvements such as installing tinted film on windows or insulating curtains. Having a window shade or film helps keep your house cool in summer and warmer during winter. 

Time to Replace Your AC? Get an Energy-Efficient AC 

As your air conditioner ages, it becomes less efficient, and it might need replacing as time goes by. However, we recommend choosing an energy-efficient AC unit to help you save on energy costs. Charleston heating and air requires AC throughout the year, which means your AC will run for the better part of the year. Choosing an energy-efficient air conditioner will therefore reduce your energy bills. 

Do You Need Help With Reducing Your AC Energy Costs? Get Professional Help 

Understanding your AC’s cooling and heating maintenance and how you can make it more energy-efficient is often beyond your expertise, and that’s why you need professional help. If you’re looking for air conditioning services in North Charleston, don’t hesitate to contact us for professional help. Hiring a North Charleston AC repair professional will help you improve your unit’s energy efficiency and help you reduce your AC energy costs.